Akapen Tarihçe

Natural resources of the world are in danger of extinction due to unconscious consumption. Therefore, there is a growing need for materials that will substitute or exceed natural products with their properties. When it is taken into account that seasons show different characteristics per region in our country, it is found out that PVC window systems are the best solutions.

Plastic technology was first used in the world in the 50s while Turkey was introduced with PVC piping in the 70s.

KIZIKLI Group entered plastic pipe industry by establishing Akın Plastik Boru San. A.Ş (http://www.akin.com.tr) in 1977 and entered PVC window & door profile industry by establishing Akprofil A.Ş (www.akapen.com.tr in 1990. Group took place in food industry by acquiring Kızıklı Gıda A.Ş (www.netto.web.tr) in 2003 with its products of 100% fruit juice, fruit nectar, and fruit-flavored drinks.

Akprofil A.Ş. has become one of the leading companies of the industry thanks to both quality and management approach in a very short time in the field of rigid PVC manufacturing. Our company also leads many environmental movements including AKAPEN Memorial Forest on Kayseri-Ankara Motorway. AKAPEN respects environment, carries out production activities by using its own substance and its color is turquoise to show that it is against slaughter of forests. Our company is adhered to the principle of "Window is our job" and markets AKPROFIL products and AKAPEN trademark by means of local and foreign dealership networks and Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir Regional Managements.

With the new factory and administrative buildings completed in the early 1997, AKPROFİL reached to a total indoors area of 12,750 m² and outdoors area of 82,050m². Machining and moulding capacity of this factory has reached to 2,500 tons/month. This also led to a significant increase in employment.

Featuring a closed system automatic raw material preparation and feeding unit, all operations in this factory are carried out under computer controlled environment from introduction of raw materials to mixing and transferring to extrusion machine, and profiles are produced almost without human touch, thereby respecting health of people and environment.

AKAPEN PVC Door & Window Profiles provide excellent heat and noise insulation thanks to their design. AKAPEN filled an important gap in the industry by producing the first self-gray gasket profile in Turkey.

AKPROFİL A.Ş. has been carrying out production activities since 1990 without sacrificing on its quality and is awarded the “2004 Quality Prize" by TSE.


  • Takes place in PVC Window & Door Profile Industry with its AKAPEN, EUROWIN, and EUROSTAR trade marks,
  • Uses German and Austrian technologies in its machine and mold investments; resulting a significant difference in the industry.

AKAPEN PVC Window & Door Profiles can be a solution partner to all architectural projects with;

  • A wide range of products (50 mm ASTRA, 58 mm VEGA, 60 mm MIRA, 70 mm DRACO, 70 mm DIVA, 80 mm LIBRA, sliding series, and lamination applications providing European based wooden appearance),
  • Competitive products, and
  • 3.1 mm wall thickness complying European Standards.

AKAPEN products are the first Turkish profiles awarded with RAL Certificate by Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff-Fensterprofile in 1997 in Germany.

Our company; having TSE, ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System, and CE Product Certificates, is on the way to becoming a global brand.

KIZIKLI Group with its subsidiaries in different sectors is exporting its products to 25 different countries.