Deney ve Testler

Bina pencerelerinde %30 - %40 ısı kaybı oluşmaktadır. AKAPEN PVC pencere sistemleri %70'in üzerinde ısı kaybını önlemektedir. AKAPEN ısı iletkenlik katsayısı değeri: 2.0 (m2 K) olarak Avrupa Standartlarına uygundur.

Bu değer ahşap pencerelerde 3,2 W (m2 K), alüminyum pencerelerde ise 5,6 W (m2 K) olarak çıkmaktadır.

All AKAPEN PVC window systems offer perfect air and water insulation. Pressure tests conducted in Germany as per DIN 18055 standard showing that profiles are waterproof under 500 Pa pressure and airtight under 600 Pa pressure variation (equals to 150 km/hour wind speed). AKAPEN periodically performs all the quality control tests on all profile systems in the laboratories furnished with the latest technologies.

Noise insulation in windows is divided into 5 classes as per the general quality standards. Insulation is not only effective by using double glasses but also using inner and outer gasket systems. AKAPEN profiles can offer noise insulation up to the class 5 (45–49 dB) depending on the thickness of the glass used. UM value (weight percentage) of the main substance of PVC used by AKAPEN shall not be higher than 0.5%.

UM value (weight percentage) of the main substance of PVC used by AKAPEN shall not be higher than 0.5%.

The main raw material, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) will be as white powder and shall not contain foreign substances that can be visible to the eye.

The appearance of profile surface shall be perfect and white and defects shall be as minor as they can not be visible by a lens.

Our profile surfaces are so smooth that they shall not vary 1 mm/m slope on a 1-meter slope measurement.

Results of all dimension and weight tests comply with and shall not exceed GERMAN and TURKISH standards.

They shall be resistant to hard impact even in the coldest winter days.

Adhesives of foils that protect our profiles are kept under control with tests performed in chemical laboratories and their thicknesses are subjected to Micron precision tests.

There shall be no shrinkage, contraction, bubbles, gaps, cracks and separation in the body of profile in the hottest summer days.

There shall be no visible change in physical and chemical structure of the profile even in the hottest summer days.

Coating films used by AKAPEN shall have perfect appearances and pass all heat tests successfully.

Our arch profiles are subject to all tests, checked with goniometers and produced in the form of a perfect arch.

Welding features of our raw material compositions are proportioned so as not to break under high tensile forces. Our welding factor (ratio of welded profile to unwelded profile) shall not fall below 0.7.

Air, water and wind resisting performance of our window systems are exceeding international standards. Air tightness pressure shall not be lower than 50 Pa and waterproof pressure shall not be lower than 150 Pa.

Corner welding of our window systems complies with TSE Standards and German RAL Standards (varying as per area measurements).

Our profiles are produced as per the ∆E value stipulated by TSE and German RAL Standards.

Our profiles are produced so as to ensure that brightness values are not lower than 45%.

Gaskets produced on glazing beads are subject to measurements for resisting against hot temperature conditions and checking of their adhesion on the glazing bead in our laboratories.

Our test devices and measurement devices are calibrated and certified by the Turkish Standards laboratory every year as per the calibration plan. This ensures reliability of our measurement results with minimum errors.

Tests are performed at every 2 hours every day in our company and also experienced and specialized staff is made available for performing tests at any time in case of necessity or doubts.

Test reports are always kept in archives and it is possible to perform retrospective analysis for profile tests.